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Zhengzhou Manufacturer Newest Design Amusement Park Rides Speed Windmill Rides

- Feb 03, 2018 -


   New speed windmill is our factory new rides, Design originated in Italy. OMG is another name for it



Amusement Park thrill rides Speed windmill/Top Scan is the latest high-tech ideas and build with large rides. In the sky it looks like a stretch of a large windmill,visitors sat on the "windmill blades", the column slowly lifted, then the big arm pros revolution,cockpit corbel rapid reverse rotation, spin the cabin under the centrifugal force, superimposed combination of three movements,Speed windmill device design excellence in innovation, in line with modern entertainment psychological and stimulate demand.

  Suitable Rangr: amusement park, funfair park, theme park, playground...etc


large-scale thrill amusement park machines which are given up-to-date idea and high technology. A total of six support arms are fixed on the largest arm, each of the support arms has a cabin withfive seats. Passengers are pressed on the seats by reliable fixation pole safely. Thirty seats are available at a time.


Different design  New speed windmill/ OMG show



Large thrill park rides speed windmill


30 seats



Running Height





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