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The Latest Specification Of Amusement Facilities

- Oct 20, 2017 -

The newest amusement Facility safety standard is the "Amusement Facility Safety Code" which has been implemented since August 1, 2008.

Many lag clauses have been removed and many more have been added. The main changes are reflected in five aspects.

First, the sliding class, such as "roller coaster", increases the allowable value of acceleration. This is because when the "roller coaster" descends from the highest point to the lowest point, the speed is very fast, the acceleration is very high, so that the multiplier is not harmed, the acceleration should be limited to a certain extent.

Second, the increase of various loads, such as wind load, because when the wind at the level of more than six, the speed of their own coupled with the impact, the person has been thrown out of the wind load may be very dangerous, it is necessary to stop the operation of recreational facilities.

Thirdly, the safety factor is adjusted and reduced. It is not necessary to use special materials if a common material can achieve safety requirements. In the past, the safety factor was too high, which resulted in the waste of material and the increase of cost.

The new requirements for security assessment and security analysis are added.

The safety standard of water amusement facilities is increased.