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Tell You How To Buy The Amusement Park Rides

- Jan 24, 2018 -

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  For many of the theme park, amusement equipment like theme park "torso", there is even a saying, investment in the construction of an outdoor theme park, about 40% of the money spent on the purchase of recreational equipment, and for the theme packaging Park, this ratio may also be higher. In particular, large amusement equipment, the price of a set of hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

  How to choose the type of amusement equipment? What is the factor that determines whether the project is to buy a roller coaster, or to buy a Ferris wheel, or to buy a carousel... With a large number of theme park projects around the world, the following factors will be taken into account when determining the purchase list of the amusement equipment:

One is the price factor.

  There is a good saying cut out garments according to the body size. Therefore, the price factor of the equipment will be focused on by the budget limit of the amusement equipment. Because the project must ensure that within the budget, to buy to meet the need of theme park equipment.

The second factor is the equipment manufacturer.

  Amusement equipment is for people to experience and play for people. Now the developers of Paradise projects generally have a strong sense of safety, so when buying amusement equipment, they will pay heed to equipment manufacturers professional and standard. Usually, a project will know and screen the amusement equipment manufacturer through various channels before purchasing a playground equipment. Finally, it will cooperate with one or two amusement equipment manufacturers to confirm the purchase list. It's not possible if you want to work with a lot of manufacturers. Because, first of all, there are still a series of things after equipment procurement, such as transportation, installation, reporting, and later maintenance, which will increase the cost and cost. Unless the amusement park developers are not poor, they have the ability to co-ordinate so many recreational facilities as a service provider.

The third factor is the preference of the decision makers.

Decision makers' own past experience, cognition and understanding of amusement equipment, and decision makers' preferences and so on will all affect their decision making for recreational equipment selection of more or less. Sometimes, there is nothing more reason for a device to choose a device, or to exclude a device from the purchase list. Sometimes it is only the perception of decision makers.


The fourth factors are the positioning of the project and the market.

  From a professional point of view, this should be the most influential factor or even a decisive factor. The location of paradise determines whether the park's "status" is a small local park, or a huge amusement park for national tourists, or a playground for a specific group (such as a 3-14 year old children and adolescent). Different positioning, determine what kind of amusement equipment to choose to cater for. The preference of the core target customers and the differentiation of similar projects in the target market is the main considerations in the selection of the project equipment.

  Then, recreation equipment selection, is not exactly the only "on the basis of one-sided viewpoint"? That's not necessary. There are always some rules that can be found. There is always some experience that can be utilized to reference. Here, I would like to take this article to help customers to purchase satisfactory equipment. Our factory is china professional amusement park rides manufacturer, supply free park design for you.
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