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Maintenance Tips For Children's Amusement Equipment

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Top of the list: a lot of plastic is used in children's playground, especially in naughty fort. About the material like plastic here to maintain the equipment, usually choose soap water, disinfection and washing clothes, stray powder, such as diluted after wiping. Clean with clean water from the beginning, the final use of cleaning cloth dry.

Second: The soft sponge of the amusement equipment uses the soft cloth to wet the soapy water to rinse. Wait for the natural air-dry.

Third: Some of the wood, first with soapy water after wiping, dry.

Four: If the metal in the amusement equipment has some rust traces, can brush the rust. After washing with water to wash the soap, dry cloth drying.

V: about the electric amusement equipment cleaning, because the first power off. No irrigation together. Can wet cloth wipe, dry thoroughly after the power test.

Sixth: About indoor amusement equipment should use ultraviolet disinfection daily. The same is done with ventilation. Complete disinfection after a certain moment.