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How To Prevent The Danger Of Aquatic Amusement Equipment From Taking Precautions

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1. The management unit of the amusement equipment shall be equipped with adequate life-saving personnel and life-saving equipment for aquatic amusement equipment, and a high level of monitoring shall be provided for facilities that are not readily observable on the surface. Life-saving personnel should be uniform and easy to identify, and should be equipped with appropriate contact equipment, communication equipment and lifesaving tools.

2. The management unit of the amusement equipment shall set up conspicuous visitor notices and warning signs in the appropriate parts of the equipment or facilities. When the amusement equipment exceeds the predetermined position in the operation, there should be limit control and limit position control device, and the control device should be safe and reliable.

3. The management unit of the Amusement device shall select the amusement facilities and equipment which conform to the requirements of the safety technical specification, and the amusement equipment shall be registered with the local Special equipment safety supervision and management department within 30th after putting into use, and shall establish the technical files of amusement facilities.

4. The amusement equipment must carry on the necessary inspection before the daily operation, after the inspection is no problem and the commissioning is able to formally operate, also should do the operation record.

5. The amusement equipment should carry on the comprehensive inspection maintenance every six months, the inspection condition, the overhaul content and the processing result should record the archives. For the use of dangerous chemicals should be dedicated to the special library and set up appropriate warning signs.