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Countermeasures Of Sudden Power Outage During Operation Of Amusement Equipment

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1, in the course of operation, sudden power failure treatment measures:

In operation, a sudden power outage, the staff should promptly turn off the power switch, watching the tourist dynamics, appease tourists, let it do not panic, after the equipment stopped, the tourists do a good job explaining the work, to guide the visitors to leave the field, to restore power after 2 times, to determine the normal equipment, the party can continue

2, in operation, individual tourists feel unwell, panic treatment measures:

In operation, individual visitors feel unwell, panic, staff to timely press "stop" key, and comfort visitors, standby stop stability, the staff should quickly help visitors untie, seat belt away from the scene, if necessary, send to the infirmary, and check other tourist situation, if all normal, can reboot.

3, in the operation, the tourists appear not according to the safety regulations of the behavior treatment measures:

In operation, failure to comply with the security provisions of the Act, the staff should immediately persuade him to stop, if the invalidity should be immediately stopped, after the equipment stopped, to the violation of safety requirements of tourists should be polite, patient education, pointing out the danger, to be accepted after the play.

4. In operation. Sudden change in weather measures:

In the operation, suddenly under heavy rain, staff to explain to tourists, standby stop stability, guide tourists to safe places to hide the rain, after the weather improves, continue to operate.