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A Few Things About Running A Children's Paradise

- Oct 20, 2017 -

As for the children's park operators, the surplus is the most important, then the question is, what are the conditions of the surplus? It's a source! Throughout the big and small, diverse children's paradise, any successful children's paradise is overcrowded! So how can operators retain customers and achieve continued operation?

In general, playgrounds for children in the indoor playground for the 0-12-year-old children at the mercy of the calculation that parents are about 25-35 years old at the mercy of. As an economic ruler who guides and dominates the spending of children, dissecting parents is more important than dissecting children. Children but like toys and chic amusement equipment, and these parents more than 80, the main feature is to accept new things fast, learning ability, character independently, dare to do. Operators need to analyze their spending habits, hobbies, and communication patterns based on these characteristics. When you are satisfied with the customer, you can understand the needs of customers, there are ways to retain customers.

Therefore, the collection of customer material is particularly important. From the first time customers will be ready to catch this customer's plan, the best is the operator from a design customer information form, hint, the customer's material must be more specific better, referring to the customer is a child and parents, such as the two birthdays, mobile phone numbers, micro-letters, QQ, hobbies, what allergies ah and so on, Arrive to let the customer feel human, warm, heart-to-heart intention.