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2018 SHENLONG Amusement Park Rides New Design

- Jan 29, 2018 -

  In January 2018, the 3 new products of the company were pushed and different in style, and the stimulus has a strong appeal. What kind of type are you interested in with both the sliding drift park rides design and the swing thrill park rides design?


park rides.jpg

More details

   New speed windmill is our factory new rides, Design originated in Italy. OMG is another name for it

Amusement Park thrill rides Speed windmill/Top Scan is the latest high-tech ideas and build with large rides. In the sky it looks like a stretch of a large windmill,visitors sat on the "windmill blades", the column slowly lifted, then the big arm pros revolution,cockpit corbel rapid reverse rotation, spin the cabin under the centrifugal force, superimposed combination of three movements,Speed windmill device design excellence in innovation, in line with modern entertainment psychological and stimulate demand.

  Suitable Rangr: amusement park, funfair park, theme park, playground...etc

 SHENLONG New speed windmill/ OMG rides running test in our plant


360 degree pendulum

  Amusement frisbee ride, also be called pendulum ride. Mainly has mini frisbee ride and giant frisbee ride. It is a new amusement project that popular internationally at present. Mini frisbee ride is suitable for children, and popular among them with beautiful surface and interesting gameplay. Giant frisbee ride is welcome by adult, one of the most scary theme park rides. Driving with great momentum and scientific structure. Customers could feel dazzled and frightened when they ride in it!

 SHENLONG 360 degree pendulum rides running test in our plant


  Crazy dance rides is our company's new amusement equipment. Beautiful appearance and unique operation mode are the characteristics of the device. It’s like running on the ground energy storm, generally can bear 24 people and 32 people, each cockpit sit two people and there are 12 or 16 cockpits, and per 4 cockpits is in a group. it can undertake collocation according to different site; so it is a very interesting amusement equipment.

 SHENLONG crazy dance rides running test in our plant-Large plate tilt design



  Flying UFO rides, the device is characterized by its unique form and functioning way ahead of the ride. It completely changed the traditional way of amusement ride of back to back. Prominent feature of the device is look gorgeous, exotic gameplay, sound mighty. Can accommodate 30 people aboard the simulation UFO, located in the crescent shaped steel frame. Overall equipped with high brightness colored lights decoration. UFO rotates together with the lighting changes, is a UFO amusement park in a dazzling landscape. In the play equipment on the breakthrough of the traditional method of rigid single movement, UFO along the steel tracks, swipe up and down movements, while the rapid rotation itself, the passengers on the UFO whipped up and down, confused, very exciting.

SHENLONG flying UFO rides running test in our plant-support customized


All Rides support ODM&OEM!!! More details pls send enquiry!