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2018 Newest Funfair Equipment Thrill Park Rides

- Feb 05, 2018 -

2018 thrill park PENDULUM rides

Mini pendulum is one of the most thrilling and popular theme park rides. It is made of super thicker steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic, decorated with thousands of colorfor LED lamps and comprehensive music device, assembled with automaticshoulder restraint and restraining belt for chairs. All of these make small pendulum ride for sale totally attractive, thrilling and safe. Tourists ride in the highspeed rotation of the pendulum, swinging to and fro dazzling, struck with fright ; passengers are often overwhelmed while crying and laughing. Through our joint efforts, we have promote the newest 360 degree big pendulum,small pendulum ride for sale will bring you the new challenge experience.


2018 Newest funfair OMG equipment thrill park PENDULUM rides

360 degree swing rotation act, when it reaches the apex, this park rides will stays over for a few minutes at top position and turns the passenger's seat. very thrill and attractive park rides.  Funfair rides big pendulum for sale is a necessary ride in amusement park, it's very stimulate, when the machine run, the turntable will rotate 360 anger, the arm will wave 180 anger, it's very attractive to young people, the big pendulum is suitable for amusement park, outdoor playground and carnival playground.


Running test of amusement park equipment windmill rides before decorration and painting

NOTE: all the large-scale rides will be load in containers in dismantlement and assemble the rides in customer's country, so we do the running test before painting and decoration to avoid the damage of painting and decoration.

2018 Newest funfair OMG equipment thrill park PENDULUM rides


2018 Newest funfair OMG equipment thrill park PENDULUM rides