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What to pay attention to when riding a small train amusement equipment

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1. Observe the appearance of the railway train compartment, do not take the broken compartment, and the safety belt to complete, the use of integrity.

2. Look for "security clearance" logo.

3. The seat belts and doors are not allowed in the ride.

4. Obey the amusement park Personnel command, the flow of people in order.

5. Please read the "passenger notice" before taking the children's entertainment facilities.

6. In the track small train and automatic control aircraft compartment, sit down and hold well, do not play, do not put the head, hands out of the window.

7. Children's recreational facilities are prohibited to swing the hanging chair hanging basket, is prohibited from standing in the hanging basket or squatting on the seat.

8. In the event of children's recreational facilities failure, do not panic, wait in the original position, pay attention to listen to the radio, waiting for staff rescue, do not take self-help measures.