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What happened to the playground equipment accident

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1, first of all, the operator to shut down the playground equipment power, stop operation, timely rescue of the injured passengers, according to the passenger injury treatment situation, with the car to the nearby hospital for treatment or rescue. On-site work service personnel timely start alarm system, emergency plan and power supply, escape tools, fire equipment, first aid equipment, communication tools and vehicles and other rescue projects, and then organize relevant personnel with the competent departments, analysis of the cause of the accident, take measures to put the injured and family members, waiting for processing results.

2, in order to be in the accident when the staff do not panic and orderly rescue, the playground equipment owners need to arrange the training of staff at ordinary times, and to do a successful exercise, to achieve the purpose of the exercise.

3, at the beginning of the operation walkthrough, the communication equipment, emergency lighting and power energy, escape tools, temporary shelters for passengers, fire equipment, first aid equipment, rescue vehicles and other arrangements are in place, all personnel arranged properly, by the head of the drill to announce the operation of the beginning of the exercise, accountability, to do their jobs. All service personnel are able to move in an orderly manner. Service personnel and prompt and effective action in a timely manner to achieve the objective of the emergency Plan operation, to prepare for the prevention of accidents.