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The skill details of the amusement equipment placement

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1. For some popular children's recreational facilities, or some newly introduced children's recreational facilities, managers have to put these recreational facilities in a sufficiently conspicuous place in order to increase the popularity of these recreational facilities and make the new amusement facilities accessible to visitors. For example, the scenic places in the playground, the places where the playground is flowing, and the ticket office in the playground, also have a good effect on the popular recreational facilities.

2, children play facilities to leave a considerable space between, this will help children in playing recreational facilities will not because of the excessive action caused by physical injury.

3. When placing children's recreational facilities, the principle of complementarity between recreational facilities should be carried out, for example, the amusement facilities of the puzzle should be put together with the recreational facilities of sports, which is also the skill of placing amusement facilities.

4. Almost all large playgrounds have different types of children's recreational facilities, at the time of placing these rides, the different types of rides should be placed in different places, which can guarantee the absolute safety of the children while playing the amusement facilities on the pirate ship. Also can make the whole amusement park amusement facility layout to do very in place, give a person with a clear feeling.

5, many of the same class of children's recreational facilities may have a different function, so in the same category of recreational facilities, as far as possible to put the different functions of the play facilities together, so that in a large extent, the children can enjoy the return.