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The bid conditions for amusement parks

- Oct 20, 2017 -

1, has the enterprise legal person qualifications;

2. The investor, the legal representative and the person in charge have not committed the illegal and criminal acts enumerated in article fifth of the Regulations on entertainment management;

3. Shall not be established in the places listed in section seventh of the Administration of entertainment Ordinance;

4, housing types should be suitable for entertainment entertainment, commercial, hotel rooms;

5, has the amusement content to adapt the business space and the supporting facilities;

6, the fire protection facilities are complete and effective, the entrances and exits set up the obvious signs, the housing construction structure is safe and reasonable, the indoor business space is more than 120 square meters, setting more than two entrances and exits, the door opens outward;

7, open at night, the necessary lighting equipment and power outages emergency measures;

8. The installation and use of amusement equipment conforms to the technical standards stipulated by the relevant State departments;

9, health, ventilation and other equipment in line with the standards set by the health authorities;

10. The boundary noise of the place must conform to the environmental noise emission standard stipulated by the State;

11. The necessary management system;

12. The opening of other projects within the cultural playground shall also meet the application conditions for the project