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Safety precautions for use in large amusement facilities

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Large amusement equipment must be issued by the AQSIQ "Safety Inspection Certificate of Competency" can be put into use.

At the same time, the operator is required to wear a certificate during working hours. Before the consumer rides the large amusement equipment, first observes in the prominent position to have the inspection certificate issued by the Supervision Inspection Department. The best not to ride and play without inspection certificate or exceeding validity period.

In addition, we should observe whether the safety management of the operating units of recreational facilities is standard, if it is found that there are no necessary instructions and warning signs around the facility, the site is cluttered, the management and operation personnel are absent from duty, and the protective device is completely not congruent with the existence of internal management confusion, the amusement equipment is very likely to exist serious hidden danger, Accidents can occur at any time.

It is better to check whether the playground or park has these conditions.

Improve your own safety awareness

The choice rides the amusement equipment before, must according to the stipulation request rides. When rides the amusement facility, if discovers the amusement facility to have the unusual sound, the smell, the jitter, shakes and so on the condition should promptly leave the equipment and informs the equipment management personnel.