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Rides the person safety restraint device of amusement facility

- Oct 20, 2017 -

When the amusement facilities are running, it is possible for the person to be moved, collided, or thrown out of the ride, or to slide out, and must have a restraint device. For recreational facilities with greater risk, two sets of separate binding devices should be considered when necessary. Can use seat belts, safety pressure bars, retaining rods and so on.

Binding device: Should be reliable, comfortable, with the direct contact with the parts of the appropriate softness. The design of the binding device should be able to prevent a person from being pinched or injured in a certain area, which should be easily adjusted and easy to operate.

Seat belts: Can be used alone for slight sway or slow take-off, not to flip out the danger of the facility, the use of seat belts should generally be equipped with auxiliary handles. For sports-intensive facilities, the seatbelt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device.

Safety Pressure Bar: When the amusement facilities run, may cause the person to be thrown out of danger, must set the corresponding type of safety pressure bar, the safety of the bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force, to ensure that visitors are not thrown out or fall off, and the device is always locked before running.