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Amusement Park Kangaroo Jumping Ride

Capacity: 12/16/24 P
Height: 3.5/4/4.5m
Diameter: 8/9/10m
Power: 10KW
Voltage: 380V

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Amusement Park Kangaroo Jumping Ride is our another new bounce class amusement equipment in our company. The cockpit is composed of six / eight / twelve groups of kangaroo. It is designed based on the image and movement form of Australian kangaroo. Its lovely and vivid style is full of fun and suitable for children of different age stages. The amusement facility is running, with wonderful music. The seat is set in the abdomen of kangaroo. When the equipment starts up, the cockpit spins around the center with the rotating equipment and jumps up and down, like sitting in the kangaroo belly bag, giving you different experience and pleasure. 


1:Luxury decorations and thousands of colorful lights make the production more attractive and shining.

2:Steel structure has been polished by twice time, spray painting, bright and beautiful color

3: The surface material is made of fiber reinforce plastic, the metal structure is made of high-quality thick steel

image003.jpg image005.jpg image007.jpg

4: Compact size, easy to move, suitable for small medium and large playgrounds, parks and squares

5: The smart touch control cabin with frequency converter, which make the 4 frequency motors more powerful and safety, the CPU of the control system is made by DELTA.

6: The ATCLS (full-automatic cabin locking system) can make sure excellent stability, able to adapt to a variety of venues and harsh environments

7: Application places: shopping malls, squares, parks, playgrounds, botanical gardens, scenic spots and so on

image009.jpg image011.jpg image013.jpg


Amusement Rides Jumping Kangaroo


12/16/24 persons


6/8/12 arms




Steel and FRP


8 / 9 / 10 kw


3.5m / 4m / 4.5m

Cover Area

Diameter 8m/ 9m /10m


USB flash disk & SD card & sound device


Anti-rust paint & automobile paint


Them park , Shopping mall , Playground &so on


24 month


Provide install video or dispatch our engineer to your local

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